B+W MRC GND25% 82mm



Because it attenuates the light twice as much as the 701M Filter, i.e. by two aperture stops (it transmits 25% of the incoming light), this graduated filter already produces quite dramatic effects. Because of the increased difference in brightness, it is even more important for the horizon line not to be positioned too far from the center of the image.

Note: The (701M) and (702M) series of filters are supplied in a rotating mount (except 4×6 filters), similar to that of a polarizer. Made of optical glass with multi-resistant coating (MRC).

Sekilas tentang MRC (Multi Resistant Coating):

MRC refers to the unique Multi Resistant Coating developed by Schneider-Kreuznach, which comes as standard on B+W XS-Pro Digital Filters. It provides perfect anti-reflection, brilliant colors and high contrast. Only Schneider lenses and B+W filters are protected by this extremely resistant multi-layer broadband coating (eight layers on both sides). In addition, the scratch-resistant, water- and dirt- repellent outer layer makes it easier to clean the glass surface. Due to its low residual reflection (0.5%) MRC prevents ghosting or double images, which can be caused by return reflections from sensors.




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