Nanguang CN-3500 PRO 2 KIT


Key Features:
Lighting equipment kits.
Assembled on the basis of LED panels with a color rendering coefficient (CRI)> 95.
Housings are made of high-impact plastic (Tech-plastic).
The predefined load limitation on LEDs (70-75% of maximum power) significantly reduces the degradation of the phosphor.
LED life is 30,000 hours.
When adjusting the brightness, there is no change in color temperature.
The use of light filters allows you to get soft, diffused lighting, as well as expand the color temperature range to 7000K.
(Filters included).
Lamps work from rechargeable batteries, which is especially convenient when shooting outdoors or indoors
in the absence of the ability to connect to AC power.
Reinforced semi-rigid case allows you to protect devices from damage during


The CN-3500 on-camera lamp is a unique device of its kind.  It can be mounted on a camera or  tripod and used as a portable light source when shooting a stationary or moving subject. The device uses a  modern patented dimmer circuit, which allows to achieve a stable current at various voltages. This extends the life of the LEDs. With low energy consumption, the efficiency of the device exceeds 92%, which makes the device more economical and reliable. The Dimmer uses PWM dimming technology, which allows you to more accurately adjust the brightness of the light. On all sides of the lamp fixtures are located, allowing you to connect the fixtures of one model or one series in a single light panel. A set of filters suitable for use in various conditions.

LED lamp CN-3500 -2pcs,
Handle – 2pcs,
Adapter for Panasonic -2pcs battery,
Adapter for 6 AA-2pcs batteries, Filter
kit-2 sets,
Shipping case,




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