Godox Honeycomb Grid For Ld150R Led Panel Godox Hc150R



Godox Honeycomb Grid for LD150R LED Panel*) Garansi Resmi GODOX INDONESIA (DOSS / PT. Global Sukses Digital)*) Garansi 1 Tahun Service & Sparepart*) Garansi Service selesai 7 hari*) Sparepart Godox(Khusus Untuk ACC Tidak Ada Garansi)Product Highlight :Material AluminumNarrows Beam SpreadMinimizes Light SpillDesigned for the LD150R LED Panel, this Honeycomb Grid from Godox narrows the beam spread and minimizes light spill. The light modifier also provides directional control and increases contrast making it an excellent tool for portraiture and Rembrandt-like lighting effects.



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