Godox SZ200Bi Color Zoomable LED Video Light




1. Zoom Easily, Film Efficiently||:At the twist of a knob you can “Zoom” from a tight 20 degrees to a wide 65 degrees, allowing you spend less time changing light fixtures and adjusting distance, and more time capturing the perfect light for your production.
2. Reliable Color Rendering||:With high CRI 97+ and TLCI 96+ scores, SZ200Bi delivers vibrant natural light and reproduces accurate colors.
3. Variable Color Temperature||:The wide color temperature range 2800-6500K enables you to quickly match the color of existing lighting without worrying about the gels.
4. Built-in FX Effects||:For a wide variety of lighting scenarios, SZ200Bi features 8 preset tunable cinematic lighting effects including flash, lightning, broken bulb, TV, candle, fire, firework and SOS.
5. Easy to Control&Silent Mode||:Four optional control methods allow you to adjust and control your lights in various scenarios, which makes your work flow easier.Turn off the fan to eliminate unwanted noise so that you can focus more on the content and never trouble from any noise interference by light fixture.

Model: SZ200Bi
Power Supply: AC100V-240V(50/60HZ)
Output Power: 200W
Channel: 32
Color Temperature Range: 2800K-6500K
Brightness Range: 0%-100%
100% Brightness(LUX@1m): ≈32500
CRI: ≈97
TLCI: ≈96
Operation Temperature: -10℃~40℃
FX effects mode: 8 preset tunable cinematic lighting effects
Mode: Bi-color mode/FX effects mode
Zooming: Beam angle from 20°to 65°
Control Method: Godox Light App/2.4G wireless/DMX control
Silent Mode: Yes
2.4 G control Distance: 50m


1* Light Body
1* Faceted Reflector
1* Adapter Holder
1* Insturction Manual
1* Frosted Cover
1* Lamp Cover
1* Adapter
1* Power Cord
1* Wire Rope
1* Clip
1* Remote control
1* Pergear Cloth



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