Light Stand L-2600FP



Meking MZ-4800FP is a heavy duty pneumatic derailleur and telescopic extension. A very sturdy and very stable stand, recommended for heavier fittings. Pneumatic damping is especially recommended for expensive flashlights, fixtures and reflectors, providing maximum protection and is also ideal for halogen reflectors at which bulb life is prolonged by reducing shocks.


Section: 3
Bahan: All Metal
Tinggi Maximum: 260cm
Tinggi Miniumum: 106cm
Tinggi Dalam Terlipat: 91cm
Diameter Tiang Tengah: 22.4mm, 26mm, dan 29.5mm.
Diameter Tiang Kaki: 22mm
Spigot: 5/8″
Warna: Hitam Mengkilat
Spigot dapat dilepas: Ya
Air Suspension (pegas dari angin): Ya
Berat maximum yang dapat ditampung: 5kg



Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg


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