Lomography Lobster 110 Redscale Film 1 pack F410RS1


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Product information Lomography Lobster Redscale 200 pocket film 110
Product type (b&w/color): color
Film type: pocket film 110
ISO speed: 200
If you like the photos to range from Orange to copper red, the Lomography Redscale Lobster for you. Read on to find out more about this film.

The Lomography Redscale Lobster 200 is a redscale film with 200 ISO in the 110 film format. With its ISO 200, this film is very versatile and can be used in most photographic situations, outdoors in the sun or clouds, or indoors with the aid of a flash. The grain is evident despite the ISO 200, although not as much a hassle. The colors are beautiful and the pictures tend to give light orange/yellow to Auburn red spikes. This color difference is not due to difference in ISO set but by the light and shadows in the scene. Due to the small size of the roller (110) this film is not very suitable for making great magnifications.

Features at a glance:

Medium sensitivity ISO 200
Clear grain
Loads of color
Colors tend to be an orange to a coppery red
Suitable for digital scanning
Good in most photographic situations
Suitable for outdoor
Suitable for indoor with flash
Available in 110mm



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