Tersedia untuk kamera Canon dan Nikon. Trigger ini memiliki 2 dudukan flash, sehingga dengan 1 paket Trigger KING PRO ini kita sudah dapat mentrigger 2 flash, diantaranya 1 flash TTL (diatas kamera dan trigger unit) dan 1 flash TTL sebagai slave yang diletakkan diatas Reciver unit.

Product Function (Canon/Nikon)
1. Support Canon E-TTL, Nikon i-TTL.
2. Up to 3 difference group .
3. Support EOS E-TTL II/Nikon i-TTL
4. When using the EOS EX II series flash, you can set difference setting on difference group, available to set 1/1~1/128 flash output, totally 23 difference levels.
5. When using EOS EX II series flash, you can adjust the flash exposure compensation from camera.
6. Support all the shutter speed, sync speed up to 1/8000s;using the PC socket control the studio ight which also support 1/8000s sync speed.
7. Multi control the speedlite or studio light.

Product Specification

Applicable To: Canon / Nikon
Type: FSK2.4GHz
Operation Range: 1/8000s
Shutter Function: Support single shoot mode
Distance: Up to 300m
Transmitter: available to set 7 difference modes
Receiver : available to set 3 difference modes
Test Button: available
Transmitter: Support TTL mode, focus light function
Receiver: Support save power mode and full power mode
Transmitter Working Hour: 600 hours (over 20k shoot)
Receiver Working Hour: 700 hours

Included Items
KING PRO transmitter : 1pc
KING PRO receiver : 1pc
receiver holder : 1pc
usb cable for firmware update : 1pc
Instruction manual : 1pc




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