Vertax E11 is a professional vertical battery grip for Canon 5D Mark III camera.
Vertax E11 fit for 2pcs of LP-E6 battery or 6pcs of AA/LR6 alkaline battery can shoot 850-950 frams when fully disposable charges.LP-E6 can bear the thousands of shooting.
Adopting somatology design according to photographer habit, it can make users feel comfortable and relax no matter use it in horizontal or vertical position with accessories of shutter, diver and other buttons
The selected material and manufacture meet the battery grip safety standard. The shell of the battery grip uses advanced flame retardant material and be treated with professional dust-proof and water-proof process in each part. It is approved by safety standard certification in each country

1. The battery grip perfectly fit with camera. The accuracy and quality equal to the product from official product.
2. Used with classified power management cell and designed with scientific, innovative and reasonable circuit design, it can ensure low power consumption and high performance.
3. Equipped with shutter, rotating wheel and other buttons in vertical and horizontal position. It is multifunctional and can be used in multi directions.
4. Design with somatology, it can be used horizontally and vertically. The hand-feel is comfortable and natural.
5. Dual-battery mode ensures longtime shooting, indispensable for professional shooting.
6. Convenient operation, power-saving, flexible and practice.
7. The shell adopts the same flame-resistant material as the one from official factory. The ultra-strong sealing technology ensures security and durable.
8. Meet the standard of battery industry and approved by the security standard certification from each country.
9. Appearance, material, workmanship, performance and quality can be compared with the one from official factory.


Battery :2pcs LP-E6 battery,6pcs AA/LR 6 Alkaline Battery
Working temperature:0-40
Weight: Approx.209.5 g
Note:(Not include batteries)

Package included:
1x Battery Grip
1x Original box
1x User Manual



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