ST-689AH is a 7 inch 16:9 LED field monitor with HDMI VGA AV1 AV2 input

7 inch monitor with wide screen aspect ratio
Whether you’re shooting still or video with your DSLR, sometimes you need a bigger screen than the tiny monitor built into your camera. The 7 inch screen gives directors and camera men a larger view finder, and the 16:9 aspect ratio complements HD resolutions.

Designed for the pro video market
Cameras, lenses, tripods and lights are all expensive – but your field monitor doesn’t have to be. SEETEC are famous for manufacturing durable and high quality hardware, at a fraction of the cost of competitors. With the majority of DSLR cameras supporting HDMI output, it is likely your camera is compatible with the 689,

High contrast ratio
Professional camera crews and photographers require accurate color representation on their field monitor, and the ST-689AH provides just that. The LED backlit, matte display has a 500:1 color contrast ratio so colors are rich and vibrant, and the matte display prevents any unnecessary glare or reflection.

Enhanced brightness, great outdoor performance
The enhanced 450 cd/ backlight produces a crystal clear picture and shows colors vividly. Importantly, the enhanced brightness prevents the video content from looking ‘washed out’ when the monitor is used under sun light. The addition of the inclusive sun hood.

HDMI and AV1 AV2 VGA Input
No matter which camera or AV equipment our customers use with the ST689-AH, there is a video input to suit all applications.
Most DSLR & Full HD Camcorder ship with an HDMI outpu




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