Tianya CPL



The main function of the Circular Polarizer filter (CPL Filter) is eliminating the scattered light in the air,as well as the reflected light of the metal , glasses and liquid. It is only allow the parallel light through the lens only, so that the camera can get a better picture such as blue sky, white cloud, clean water and so on. When you rotate the CPL filter in its mount, the effects will show up immediately. This filter can be used to rule out and filter the scattering of light beam and make the light on the straight to your eyes, and then the view will be clear and natural. Give you better photographic. About the differences between with and without, you can obviously find on the above pictures.

With CPL Color contrast filters, can represent deeper blue of the sky and brilliant white of clouds. And they do block reflections of water and window glasses. For taking pictures with a touch of clearness.Tianya filters feature a thin filter frame, multi-coated surfaces, and high quality optical glass to give maximum optical performance.

Circular Polarizing filter doesn’t enhance your image, it actually corrects it. When shooting outdoors there is light being reflected on just about anything. Images will quickly be washed out with glare or sometimes called haze. Contrast will be reduced and saturation will suffer. A polarizer will help cut that reflection so that you can see the true colors in your image.




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