Tianya Soft Focus


Key Features:
Portrait photography can be modified subject skin texture, so that the skin smooth and delicate, play the role of landscaping characters.
For the scenery photography, can make the scenery hazy soft, exaggerated light flares, rendering the dream atmosphere.
Reduce the high contrast of the scene, so that the screen looks more natural.
Scenery photography, can reduce the air visibility, the formation of fog effect, strengthen the air perspective.
Modern camera side light using TTL method, the use of soft mirror do not need to do exposure compensation


Material: High-quality glass

Soft Focus Effect Diffuser Lens Filter Great for portrait and landscape photography Soft focus effects are common in fashion and advertising images. In certain circumstances, a soft focus treatment of a landscape can enhance the mood of an image by creating a soft glowing atmosphere,and can be particularly effective for backlit subjects. Soft focus is not the same as out of focus, and is not about degrading the image, but rather about subtly changing the image to convey a desired interpretation to the viewer




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