Yidoblo LT-WY4



Yidoblo LT-WY4 series Handheld LED Video Light Wand Stick Tube DV Photography Lighting , LED Video Light. Selected high quality lamp beads, which adopts extra-large Luminous chips. The color Rendering Index is greater than or equal to 95, restore the true color of the object perfectly.This ice light for photoraphy.

LED video tube light is powered by AC adapter(110V-220V)or DC 14.5V.

Power Adjustment:
By rotating Dimmeril to adjust the brightness from 0% to 99%.Handheld & Portable: With 1/4 standard nut, you can mount it on a tripod

Setting DMX:
Using DMX line to connect the lamp with DMX console. After that, you could control DMX console to adjust the brightness and color lemperature. The lamp’s address should he sctto the same as the console. (Default scling is 001)

Color Temperature Selection:
By rolating Dimmer 2 toselect the color temperature from 2800k to 9990k Convenient LED Studio Lights: you can adjust the lighting by pressing the buttons on the light itself.

Versatile Light Wand:
Suitable for lightpainting, photography and videography where the light is not enough or when you want to creat some special lighting effect; outdoor selfie lighting at dark environment; ice light for concerts; wedding photography light or even emergency lighting and camping

Included in the packages:

  • 1 unit LED 110cm
  • 1 unit AC Adapter
  • 1 unit AC Cable
  • 2 unit Clamp
  • 1 unit Carrrying bag



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Weight 3 kg


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