ZOOM H1 Windscreen


Key Features:
Microphone wind plush sleeve for H1 H2N Q3 Q3HD Sony D50, Tascam Recorder Zoom.
Its artificial fur is specially designed so as to minimise wind noise while remaining acoustically transparent.
Using high-quality materials, solid wool used a lint-free look nice.
It can filter the noise to get a clear record.
Natural science in line with sound design, product design with a rear end lock, elastic or rubber ring.
Durable recording clear, good windbreak effect.
It is the first choice for outdoor film shooting wild micro-film recording large outdoor folk songs recorded progr


Reduce Anti-Wind Noise Prevention Microphone Muff Fur Windshield Cover For Zoom H1 H2N, Tascam

Item Specifics:
Material: Artificial Fur
Color: Gray
Size: Approx. 120 x 130mm / 4.72″ x 5.11″




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